Change management

We offer comprehensive change management services that are tailored to your business needs.

Implementing the change successfully and having it be visible in everyday life is one of the most critical success factors in work life. Instead of individual changes there can be a transformation of your business or the starting of a completely new activity and abandoning the old ways of working.

Individual coaching

Developing skills and self-leadership with the help of professional coaching enables the success of your company’s key personnel.

The success of your business is built on a skilled and committed staff. By enabling a personal growth path for your company’s staff, you are able to develop your performance to a new level. Individual coaching is the fastest and the most effective way to better both your own and your company’s results.

Agile HR

Modern HR allows you to operate without time-consuming administrating.

By freeing the company’s staff to do work that corresponds to their skills and by taking care of the administration’s performance in a modern manner, you free your company’s people and time for real work. We make agile and humane solutions to improve the support facilities.

Would you like to make successful changes?

We make changes, the results of which will be visible in your company already at the planning stage. If you want to make yourself and your whole staff a part of shared, motivating goals in a new way – we will be glad to make the change with you.

Be in touch, we will be glad to provide you with further information.

Goal-oriented approach

I have worked with Mervi on several development projects. Her goal-oriented and persistent way of working astounds me every time. She remains loyal to her style: even though the goals and the schedule are ambitious, the projects have always finished in a humane and natural way.

Merja, business directoran international company providing services

New views

Minna, CEO and board memberfinnish consulting agency

A positive support

Mervi has mentored and coached me as a moved on to my role as a board member and a leader. For many years her positive support has opened whole new perspectives on leadership. It has been a big help, that we have been able to seek solutions for even a bit harder challenges.

Eira, director of HRan international company

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